Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Responds To Bill Gates’ Statements On A Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Responds To Bill Gates’ Statements On A Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine By Alex Pietrowski via Natural Blaze

In recent weeks, as the pandemic crisis deepens, Bill Gates has been taking interviews, casually telling the world that the only solution to the current situation is a new vaccination… for everyone. He recently told CBS that mass gatherings will be considered ‘optional’ until a vaccine is rolled out.

…You know it’s so important to get, not just hundreds of millions, but literally billions of those vaccines, because this is a global problem…

… this is a big economic shock, and some things we really will want to be broadly vaccinated before we’re not worried about this and it’s changing our behavior in a significant way…

…the idea of big public gatherings, I do believe, once we have the vaccination, then the kind of fears, uh, and the change of behavior around that could definitely be pretty close to where it was before this started…

“…in which activities like mass gatherings, uh, may be, in a certain sense, more optional, and so until you’re widely vaccinated those may not, uh, come back, uh, at all. ~Bill Gates

The implication is this: when a new vaccine is invented then mass produced, it will not necessarily be mandatory, but everything else in your life, such as work, school, community, and sociality, will all become privileges granted by the state under the condition that you take the new vaccine.

Vaccine safety information is one of the most censored topics on the internet today, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has for years been at the forefront of the movement to bring public awareness to this issue. His organization, Children’s Health Defense is the premier advocate for awareness and justice for vaccine-injured children.

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RFK Jr. recently commented on Bill Gates’ statements on the notion of vaccinating billions of people for Coronavirus, of which the first group, the guinea pigs, would certainly be from developing nations. In fact, two French doctors recently explained on live TV why Africans would make the best test subjects for a vaccine.

The controversy over a Coronavirus vaccine is growing rapidly, and even U.S. Attorney General Barr expressed concerns of the idea of developing digital Covid-19 certificates of immunity to allow people to travel or work.

Regarding RFK Jr’s recent statement on Instagram, he highlights the fact that similar programs conducted in India by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have proven disastrous for people involved.

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