Fox News Anchor Shannon Bream Encourages Americans to Find ‘Hidden Blessings’ During Coronavirus Pandemic

Fox News Anchor Shannon Bream Encourages Americans to Find ‘Hidden Blessings’ During Coronavirus Pandemic By  for Faith Wire News

Like the rest of us, Shannon Bream is hunkered down at home. The difference, though, is that at 11 o’clock at night, the cameras in her house start rolling.

Bream, anchor of “Fox News @ Night,” which has been airing weeknights from 11 p.m. until 1 a.m. since the coronavirus pandemic began, is broadcasting her show from the makeshift studio in her house, maneuvering her way through moment-by-moment news updates and often hosting a rolodex of medical experts, each of whom are responding to a series of viewer questions.

While the fast-moving transition to working from home has been disorienting for a lot of people, Bream told Faithwire it’s also rendered some “hidden blessings.”

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“My husband already worked from home, so he already has an office here. So now I’m sort of like his coworker,” she joked. “People are dealing with it in different ways, but I’m just really grateful that, for our team, we’re able to be in a lot of different places but still get a show on every night.”

Working from home and fighting the inclination to worry about loved ones living far from Bream and her husband in Washington, D.C., has made this worldwide cultural moment particularly unique.

For perhaps the first time in a century, barring 9/11, Americans are — all at once — collectively facing the impacts of a national crisis.

“It’s one of those moments in history where you’re not just reporting on the story,” Bream explained. “It’s also real life for all of us as journalists, too.”

The Fox News anchor later noted the tragic deaths of colleagues at CBS and NBC, as well as news of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s positive test for the coronavirus.

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