Are We Witnessing an Awakening During This Time of Uncertainty?

Are We Witnessing an Awakening During This Time of Uncertainty? by ABDU MURRAY for Charisma News

God bless you, my friend. In this season of uncertainty, may He give you strength. There is so much disruption, so much discussion of disease, death and financial depression. It requires a supernatural transfusion to stay strong.

But God will give it. In fact, I’m wondering if God is up to something supernatural in this season. What if we are witnessing an awakening? What if God is using this pandemic to call us back to Himself? Might it be that we are experiencing the early days of a revival? A revival in which millions of people will turn and return to God?

Perhaps we need to add a phrase to our prayers. In addition to saying, “Lord, fix this,” let’s pray, “Lord, use this.” Use this calamity for Your glory. Stir our hearts! Reap a harvest! Blow Your breath over this valley of dry bones.

Do you know the story of dry bones?

Ezekiel was a radical, wide-eyed prophet who served as a thorn in the collective side of Israel during the 6th century B.C. He was ever on the Hebrews’ case, urging them to turn away from foreign idols and toward their living God (Ezek. 18:30-31). They did not listen. Consequently, the nation experienced utter annihilation at the hands of the Babylonians in 587 B.C. The city was ransacked, and the magnificent temple was destroyed. Envision Washington, D.C., lying in smoke and embers; the Capitol building demolished and the White House burned down. The once-proud Hebrews were marched out of their homeland. From their exile in Babylonia the Jews declared: “Our bones are dried up, and our hope is lost. We are cut off completely” (Ezek. 37:11).

The psalmist could only lament, “By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion” (Ps. 137:1) And again, “How shall we sing the song of the Lord in a foreign land?” (vs. 4)

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