Family Worship Starts Now

Family Worship Starts Now by RUSTY OSBORNE for The Gospel Coalition

Millions of schedules just slowed down. Schools are closed, churches are online, and many are hunkered down with streamed movies and lots of toilet paper.

For those of us quarantined with our families, now is the perfect time to begin (or intentionally continue) habits of worship together. As parents, we must take an active role in shaping the spiritual climate of our homes in the coming weeks.

Worship with Your Church

As millions of Christians prepare to worship this week, many will be staring at a screen. Such technology is a wonderful gift that allows us, the body of Christ, to encourage one another, and we should be thankful. But we should beware of reducing the import of message because of its medium.

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Worship is a participatory response to the glorious acts of redemption, grace, and mercy of our great God. It’s not just listening; it’s receiving and responding in song, fellowship, and prayer.

During this time, Christians should remain connected to their church by participating in the online services from their congregation. Try to fight the consumer mentality that sends you looking for the “best online worship experience.” If your church doesn’t have the capabilities to stream, the people of your congregation can commit to worshiping via the same livestream from another church. Whatever you do, make connection to your own congregation a priority.

Even if you are watching a service online, follow your typical practices: get dressed, open your Bible, follow along with Scripture readings, and focus your attention on the worship service. Allow these patterns to carry you through this season of separation from the body, helping you engage and respond to the Word of God preached and sung.

Moreover, allow your posture in your home to reflect your posture in your corporate gathering. If you normally stand to sing—stand. If you kneel to pray—kneel. It may feel uncomfortable to do these things alone in your home or with the members of your family, but this season of worship can draw us into deeper personal engagement with the Lord, making us more conscious of our worship.

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