The King Crucified: The Contrast at Calvary (Podcast)

The King Crucified: The Contrast at Calvary Podcast by Pastor John MacArthur

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Well now we have a great privilege to open the word of God; the greatest of privileges to hear the voice of God as He has spoken on the pages of Holy Scripture. The text this morning is Luke 23 and we are, of course, at the cross of Christ. In going through this gospel of Luke we have journeyed with the historian Luke from the first introduction of Zacharias and Elizabeth and promised birth of the forerunner to the Messiah, John the Baptist, through the birth of the Lord Jesus himself. We have sung with Mary the praise that a redeemer has been born. We have seen him grow and minister and gone with him through all his trials and all his triumphs, and we now find ourselves with him standing, as it were, at the foot of Calvary and taking in the stunning reality of the crucifixion of Christ. Let me read for you beginning in verse 32 down through verse 39, which is a passage that I referred to in our last message and we’ll look at more deeply this morning.

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