I’ll Bet She Does! – Pelosi Hails ‘Bubble-Up Workers Bill’; ‘We Have More Bills to Come’

I’ll Bet She Does! – Pelosi Hails ‘Bubble-Up Workers Bill’; ‘We Have More Bills to Come’ By Susan Jones for CNS News

GNN Note – “Never let a crisis go to waste.” ~Democrat who came to prominence during the Obama regime, now back to destroying Chicago and the state of Illinois as quickly as possible – Rahm Emanuel


Early Thursday morning, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted: “The Senate just pivoted from one of the most divided periods in recent memory to passing the largest rescue package in American history. And we passed it unanimously. Americans deserved this outcome. I am proud the Senate stepped up,” McConnell said.

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Hours earlier, in a conversation with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi struck a more partisan tone. She gave credit to Democrats; and she said that the $2.2 trillion package will not be enough:

“We have to be ready to not only finish the job, but to do it in a way that takes us in a very positive way for our economy, and to do so in a way that honors our values,” the speaker said.

A number of Democrat “values” were removed from the $2.2 trillion Senate bill before it passed, but some remain.

Pelosi told PBS on Wednesday that Democrats “yielded on many points.”

We certainly would have had a higher direct payment. We would have had more expanded family medical leave in here. We would have had the OSHA rule protecting the health care workers. We would have full benefits for everyone who gets tested. Remember, we said free testing, but we want the whole procedure to be there. So we would have pensions in here. There’s other things that we want that we will save for another day because of the urgency of getting this passed today.

Pelosi told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the bill written by Senate Republicans “was a trickle-down corporate bill. It is now a bubble-up workers bill. And we’re very proud of that,” she said.

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