Here’s What People Are Running Out of First During the Lockdowns

Here’s What People Are Running Out of First During the Lockdowns by Daisy Luther for The Organic Prepper

Here in the United States, many of us are in this strange kind of limbo called “lockdown.” Other states call it “social distancing,” and still others call it “sheltering in place.”

California, New York, and Illinoisstarted the ball rolling last Friday, and since then, nearly half of the United Stateshas joined in, to some degree or another. There are varying degrees of lockdown – nobody in any state is forced to stay inside their home at all times (barring quarantine due to infection or exposure.) You can still go to the grocery store or take a walk, but many businesses not deemed “essential” are closed.

At this point, we’re not sure how long the lockdowns will last. President Trump insisted yesterday in a press conference he’d like to see full churches on Easter Sunday, while some more conservative health experts have warned this could continue through June or longer.

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Although people cango to the store, many have not. Some folks are serious about social distancing because there’s a loved one in their household who is greatly at risk, while others are waiting for that last paycheck after having been laid off from their jobs. There’s lots of chit chat online about the things people have run out of first, and some of these might be things to note when stocking up for future emergencies.

As well, it’s time to tap into your creativity and your problem-solving mindset instead of feeling sorry for yourself. We’re Americans. We’ve been through wars, shortages, and all sorts of hardships over our history and we’ve come through it stronger and more independent. This is just another challenge for us to accept and conquer. (And remember, a good sense of humor about some failed experiments can go a long way.)


Some of the first goods most people opened when the lockdowns began was the snack foods. Potato chips, cookies, and candy have been the first to go in many households. Learning how to make your own from scratch is a great way to pass the time and still have some tasty treats.

Here’s how to makehomemade potato chips. And here’s a healthier baked version.

Here are some simple cookie recipes.

Here’s how to make your own candy.

Fresh Produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables are usually the first things to go whenever we on this website have done a stockpile challenge. There are a few ways to get some fresh veggies in without waiting for them to grow in the garden. Sprouting is the very fastest way to get your nutrients and you can do it in any home, in any climate – learn more about it here.

Others are starting seeds to get their gardens going the moment the ground warms up enough to do so. Here’s a guide to gardening on a budget.

You may have to move on to frozen and canned veggies if you aren’t planning a trip to the store soon. Frozen vegetables will be the most like fresh. Canned vegetables may be more welcome if they’re included as ingredients in soups or casseroles.


If you’ve run out of bread, there’s no better time to learn to make your own, assuming you have the supplies to do so. Look for simple recipes – don’t start out with something super-fancy.

I discovered Gaye Levy’s favorite recipeyears ago and this is still my go-to homemade bread to go along with a pot of soup.

You can also easily make pizza dough or biscuits.

If you didn’t pick up these items, make sure to grab yeast, baking powder, and baking soda on your next trip to the store. Or, you can order yeast, baking powder, and baking sodaon Amazon. You can also try making your own sourdough starter – here are the instructions.

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