Nevada governor bans malaria drugs for coronavirus patients

Nevada governor bans malaria drugs for coronavirus patients By Tamar Lapin for NYPost

Nevada’s governor on Tuesday banned the use of anti-malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus patients.

Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak’s executive order came after President Trump toutedthe medication as holding promise for combating the illness.

Sisolak said there was no consensus among experts or Nevada doctors that the drugs can treat people with COVID-19.

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His order also limits a prescription of the medicines — which are also used to treat illnesses like lupus and arthritis — to a 30-day supply to ensure it’s available for “legitimate medical purposes” and so people don’t stockpile the drug.

Trump helped create a recent flurry of demand for the drugswhen he announced last week that chloroquine “could be a game-changer” and that the FDA had approved it as treatmentfor coronavirus sufferers, which it has not. Trump also said hydroxychloroquine could be used in prevention.

But the country’s leading infectious-disease doctor, Anthony Fauci, said there is no substantive proof, at least yet, that either drug works in the battle against the deadly pandemic, only anecdotal information.

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