They Should Know All About Failure – Chinese Communist Party Brands U.S. Coronavirus Response a ‘Failure’

They Should Know All About Failure – Chinese Communist Party Brands U.S. Coronavirus Response a ‘Failure’

GNN Note – hmmmm… let’s see. The Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus originated in China. China lied about the infection rates. Then lied about the fatality rates. Their initial response was to lock people in their apartment buildings – you know, board up the entrance and let them die inside. Their second response was to….beat and jail people who “escaped” their apartment buildings to look for food and water. Was anyone attempting to find a cure, any medical solution to the situation? Oh, that’s right, they moved in 40 portable crematories as a response. So, yeah, China knows all about “fixing” a problem and has every right to criticizes President Trump and his Administrations response to this situation.

The Chinese and the Democratic party in the U.S. have both fully exposed their cards. They no longer have nothing to hide, nothing behind the curtain. They are now known to the world how evil and vile they are do in the depths of their souls. We need to pray for them and pray for their redemption – they’re going to need it.


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Chinese state media on Monday pumped out a string of editorials blasting America’s “failed” response to the coronavirus that was unleashed upon the world by the Chinese Communist Party and touting China’s solutions as a model for the world to follow.

China’s Global Times said the pandemic is spiraling “out of control” in the United States, so it might be time for friendly and responsible China to lend a hand on humanitarian grounds “despite Washington’s escalating xenophobic slurs and hostility toward Beijing by repeatedly calling the novel coronavirus the ‘Chinese virus.’”

The article quoted both named and unnamed sources in the U.S., plus the odd random social media user, who had ideas for how China could help, ranging from coronavirus test kits and ventilators to expertise and “technological innovations such as phone-based monitoring apps to help with contact tracing and isolation.”

“When Trump kept playing down the impact of the coronavirus, shifting the blame to China, which, some observers said, aimed to hide the administration’s inadequate preparation for this crisis, some doctors and medics in different US states such as New York, California and Maryland have started to seek help from China, particularly from Chinese medics who have had experiences in fighting this battle at the frontline,” the Global Times wrote.

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