Is This The Recipe To Conquer Wuhan Coronavirus?

Is This The Recipe To Conquer Wuhan Coronavirus? by Rory for The Daily Coin

This tweet was sent to me by a dear friend. This is the hope we have been searching for during January, February and March. From all indications this will stop the scourge of the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus dead in it’s tracks.

Beginning at the 13:35 mark in the video below you can listen to the discussion between Dr Vladimir Zelenko and Hannity detailing the successes – zero failures – in curing people with the virus.

I predict the liberal media lunatics will lose their mind since the man has a Russian name!!! hahaha – President Trump colluded with Russia President Vladimir Putin to find the cure for the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus. We now have the PROOF Trump is a Russian agent!!

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