A Prayer for Working From Home

A Prayer for Working From Home by WILL SORRELL for The Gospel Coalition

GNN Note – Since working from home is how we roll, we say a prayer everyday on this topic. We like individual prayers and believe prayers should come from our heart. Will Sorrell has put together a beautiful prayer for those that find themselves on new ground. My guess is some of you will never go back to the office, except to make the necessary transition to working from home permanently. Some of you will find out that life outside the “office” is far better, not that much a strain on the budget and will naturally find your family more desirable than working for someone that doesn’t care two-cents about you.

We like this prayer, but would encourage each of you to find your own prayer, time with the Father on your terms and guidance from the Holy Spirit in the ways that fill your spirit.

Here is a sample from Will’s prayer – you can read the rest by clicking here >>>

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Almighty God, Giver of Work and Rest,

I awake, and I am with you.
My commute is a trudge from bed to desk,
a stepping over toys and garments,
feet that feel like miles.
Ready my body to face unfamiliar tasks in this familiar place.

My eyes are prone to wander alone.
My ears are prone to hear my flesh over your Spirit.
My lips are prone to curse and lash.
My fingers and back are prone to cramp and complain.
My nose is prone to forget that every breath comes from you.

Let my eyes keep watch with you with care.
Let my ears hear the birds raise their carols to you.
Let my lips be patient on conference calls and voicemails.
Let my fingers and back find relaxation under tension.
Let my nose relish the home-brewed tea and remember.

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