Report: Overwhelmed London Hospitals Turning Away Coronavirus Patients

Report: Overwhelmed London Hospitals Turning Away Coronavirus Patients by VICTORIA FRIEDMAN for Breitbart

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A report has claimed that Lewisham and Greenwich has become the first London National Health Service (NHS) trust to turn away coronavirus patients, sending them on to other hospitals as they struggle to keep up with incoming cases.

A senior clinician at the southern London trust told The Telegraph that due to a surge in demand they have had to transfer coronavirus patients to other hospitals, saying that on Tuesday of five patients in need of intensive care, just one could be admitted.

The medic said: “We’re running out of beds and running out of space. Some patients with Covid-19 are being shipped to other trusts.”

“Very, very difficult choices are having to be made,” he said. “Sometimes five new people are being intubated every 12 hours, but not all Covid patients are getting access.”

The trust disputed that any patient needing breathing support had been denied access, telling the newspaper that all those who have needed ventilation have received it.

The source added that the emergency rooms at the two hospitals being managed by the trust had begun to resemble “Covid-19 waiting rooms”, a phrase evoking images of overwhelmed Italian hospitals where patients are being treated in waiting areas. Government experts say that the United Kingdom is currently three weeks behind Italy; Sky News reported from a hospital in Bergamo that doctors are warning Britons that Italian crisis levels are heading Britain’s way.

Lewisham and Greenwich is not the only London NHS trust facing difficulty, with a source from another London hospital trust telling the newspapers that they only had seven days’ worth of protective equipment. London is the outbreak hotspot in the country, with latest figures tallying 1,221 confirmed cases and 56 deaths.

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