Is Trump Just Playing the God Card on American Christians?

Is Trump Just Playing the God Card on American Christians? by THOMAS MCDANIELS for Charisma News

Our President, Donald J. Trump, is no stranger to the evangelical church in America. At first the connection seemed unlikely and abnormal. Before his presidential run, few realized that President Trump was a religious man. And the intention of this article is not to question his faith.

But like everything in President Trump’s life, he makes his faith work. His faith walk is far from perfect, but it’s more than a whim. Is President Trump and his administration guilty of using the “God card” on Americans?

Well, let’s compare Mr. Trump to Mr. Obama.

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Even though Mr. Obama regularly spoke of his faith and described how he converted to Christianity as a young man, many evangelical Trump supporters say they believe that Mr. Trump prays in the White House and that Mr. Obama did not.

Many evangelical leaders say that President Trump is a Christian.

“I think there’s no question he believes,” said the Rev. Franklin Graham, who has followed in the footsteps of his father, Billy Graham, as a faith adviser in the White House. Mr. Graham said he believes Mr. Trump has had a conversion moment, but he doesn’t know when it might have happened.

The president believes in God. He has surrounded himself with pastors of the Christian faith. One of those men includes Rev. Robert Jeffress, who leads First Baptist Dallas, a megachurch in Dallas, Texas.

President Trump is also personal friends with Rev. Paula White.

She is frequently described as the woman who brought Donald Trump to God. Now Paula White-Cain, better known as Paula White, a 53-year-old televangelist from Florida, has an official White House role. In what appears part of an attempt to lock down support from evangelical Christians as he seeks a second term, Mr. Trump has added White to his office of public liaison, the part of the administration concerned with outreach to groups and individuals the president considers important.

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