Joe Biden Is Ignorant And Dishonest About Guns, Just Like The Media

Joe Biden Is Ignorant And Dishonest About Guns, Just Like The Media By  for The Federalist

GNN Note – While the language Joe Biden uses is his own, it’s language we would rather not publish on this site. If you click through the original publication they publish and play the full audio.


Biden’s tense and bizarre exchange with a Detroit auto plant worker during a campaign stop yesterday went viral, and the media responses to it were telling.

Set aside Joe Biden’s weirdly aggressive response to the Detroit auto plant worker who challenged him on gun control policy at a campaign stop yesterday—Biden tells the guy, “you’re full of sh!!,” calls him a “horse’s a**,” and later threatens to slap him in the face—and consider instead how the blue-check media exulted in it.

Instead of noting how Biden distorted his record, or that he was factually wrong on almost every particular about guns, pundits and reporters focused on the optics, on how great it was that Biden stood up to a random voter who dared to question him.

Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein spun the exchange as Biden pushing back, and speculated that Biden supporters are “into it.” Jonathan Martin of The New York Times euphemized the exchange as an “earthy Biden encounter” that probably won’t hurt him with voters, which it probably won’t, at least not with Democratic primary voters.

But take a look at this exchange and then tell me the big takeaway here is what good job Biden did dealing with a tough question about gun control.

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