Protecting Your Family By Bugging In Or Bugging Out?

Protecting Your Family By Bugging In Or Bugging Out? by: Nicholas O for Off the Grid News

During a serious threat or disaster, all of your prepping and preparedness will come into play. But you will immediately be confronted with a major decision to make: Do you bug in, or bug out to protect your family?

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Bugging in is very similar to digging in or fortifying. You simply remain in your home and decide to hold out.

Bugging out means that you decide to book it; you pack up and evacuate your home as soon as possible.

Whether you bug in or bug out could be a life-and-death decision not only for you, but for your family as well.

The world we live in today is filled with threats and risks. The economy could tank. Terrorists could strike. The grid could go down. A natural disaster could wipe out nearly everything in your area.

It’s a fact: Fewer and fewer people trust the government or the “system.” As a result, many of those people have turned to survival and preparation. They’re not the stereotypical preppers seen on reality TV. They’re simply neighbors who are buying a gun or setting some supplies back for what they think could be the inevitable.

So, should you bug in or bug out? There is no definitive answer to that question in general, but there is a definitive answer for you. You must carefully evaluate your specific circumstances in the event of a disaster, and then make that snap decision.

First, evaluate what limitations and dilemmas you face regardless of bugging in or bugging out.  Are you and your family in very good health? What is the age of each member of the family? What is the climate outside? What geographical location are you in? What is the population of the local area? Do you have any strong relationships with local friends or family members? Is your local area under immediate threat? Is your home easily defensible?

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