Hypocritical Democrats and Their Corporate Media Overlords: Tulsi Gabbard Edition

Hypocritical Democrats and Their Corporate Media Overlords: Tulsi Gabbard Edition by Rory for The Daily Coin

If you listened to most corporate media you would never know there is a highly qualified woman running for the office of President of the United States in 2020. You would think the only two democrat choices are between a senile dude and a communist dude. Corporate media is ignoring the fact that Congressman Tulsi Gabbard is running, as they call President Trump a misogynistic, racist, nazi non-stop. Oh the irony of the hypocrisy of these deviantly evil people. They are sick, and united in their cause, on a level that is hard to fathom.

Once again, we find one of very few voices of reason on corporate media in Tucker Carlson. Not only does he recognize that Tulsi Gabbard is running for the office of President he actually has interviewed her on a number of occasions. I have argued for months and months that President Trump should find a place in his administration for her. She not only has great ideas regarding foreign policy it would draw a certain amount of centrist to his base. Ms. Gabbard’s economic policies are too far left to ever let her near a balance sheet, but her ideas on foreign policy are top notch.

Tucker Carlson once again proves why his commentary is a must watch. Tammy Bruce weighs in and, as always, makes invaluable points hammering home the fact the DNC is nothing but a group of power hungry, deep state satanic globalist who would sell their own mother for another year of unabated power.

Ian Samuel, a Bernie Bro with a platform, weighs in as well. Pay attention to the way he frames his response and how he covers for Bernie’s lack of a spine. The sad part is Tucker had already fully exposed this jellyfish who is as fake as the day is long.

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