Super Tuesday: Biden Wins VA, NC, AL, OK, TN, MN, AR, MA; Bernie Wins CA, VT, CO, UT; Bloomberg Wins American Samoa

Super Tuesday: Biden Wins VA, NC, AL, OK, TN, MN, AR, MA; Bernie Wins CA, VT, CO, UT; Bloomberg Wins American Samoa from Zero Hedge

Fourteen states, one territory and Democrats abroad are voting in the Super Tuesday presidential primaries, with 1,357 delegates to the Democratic National Convention up for grabs.

The big question remains – How will the coronavirus affect the turnout of millions of voters.

And the results begin:

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  • Biden wins Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Minnesota, Arkansas, Massachusetts
  • Bernie wins Vermont, Colorado, Utah, & California
  • Bloomberg wins American Samoa?

The projected delegate count is:

Source: NYTimes

The Trump campaign puts out a statement:

The results only increase the likelihood that no candidate will have enough delegates for a first ballot victory at their convention, which only means more chaos! The media is hyperventilating about Joe Biden but everyone should remember that he is just as terrible a candidate right now as he was a few days ago.”

Even if Bernie is not on November’s ballot, his big government socialist ideas will be because they have become mainstream in today’s Democrat Party.President Trump will wipe the floor with whatever Democrat is unlucky enough to be the nominee.”


VIRGINIA (99 delegates)

Winner: Joe Biden

The former VP got 66% of the black vote. Bloomberg was a distant thirdwhich is a major blow given the time and effort he focused in that state.

VERMONT (16 delegates)

Winner: Bernie Sanders

100% expected to clinch his home state. Mike Bloomberg in 4th behind Warren

NORTH CAROLINA(110 delegates)

Winner: Joe Biden

NBC’s Kornacki showing exit polls showing “a landslide” for Joe Biden in North Carolina. He’s crushing among African Americans and winning by double digits among white voters too.

AMERICAN SAMOA(6 delegates)

Winner: Mike Bloomberg

“A decisive victory, we are led to believe, over Tulsi Gabbard…” says MSNBC’s Brian Williams on Bloomberg’s win in American Samoa.

ALABAMA(52 delegates)

Winner: Joe Biden

Exit polls again showing huge support among African Americanspowering Biden to a big win in Alabama, per MSNBC.

OKLAHOMA (37 delegates)

Winner: Joe Biden

Fox is calling it for Joe – With 413 of 1,948 precincts reporting, Biden 32%, Sanders 23%, Bloomberg 17%, Warren 14%, Gabbard 2%.

COLORADO (67 delegates)

Winner: Bernie Sanders

NBC project Bloomberg finishing secondin Colorado.

TENNESSEE (64 delegates)

Winner: Joe Biden

MINNESOTA(75 delegates)

Winner: Joe Biden

Biden winning Minnesota is first genuine whoa of the night, apparently after he was endorsed by Amy Klobuchar. Bernie Sanders carried the state in 2016.

ARKANSAS(31 delegates)

Winner: Joe Biden

UTAH (29 delegates)

Winner: Bernie Sanders

Fox projects Sanders as the winner, Biden is 4th.

MASSACHUSETTS(91 delegates)

Winner: Joe Biden

“They don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothing,” Biden says. Warren finishes 3rd in her home state.

CALIFORNIA(415 delegates)

Winner: Bernie Sanders

Worth noting the significance of AP feeling confident enough to call Sanders winning California, the state with the largest number of delegates, immediately after polls closed. Sanders is polling 12 points ahead of Biden in California,according to Real Clear Politics average of polls.

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