55 Emergency Preparedness Items (To Get You Thinking…)

55 Emergency Preparedness Items (To Get You Thinking…) by  for Modern Survival Blog

There are countless survival preparedness emergency supplies (preps) that you might consider, acquire and store ahead of time — BEFORE any potential short-term emergency, a longer-term disaster, or even a SHTF collapse.

List of 55 Emergency Preparedness Items

This particular list is intended to provoke your own thoughts and ideas.

It is NOT a complete list of recommendations. Why? Because that list would be quite long. And everyone’s circumstances and requirements are different. Search this site for tons of recommendations.

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Rather, this is a list to get you thinking about your own potential needs for preparedness. It’s a brainstorm list that hopefully helps some people in the future who happen across this page.

In no particular order…

(1) Toilet Paper, Personal Hygiene Products

Can you ever have enough? Answer: No. I recommend that you keep adequate supply at home, just in case of disruption. Also others such as feminine hygiene products, diapers for infants, etc. It’s hard to imagine life without TP — so store as much as you can 😉

How Many Rolls Of TP Used Each Week

(2) Food – 30 Day Kits

I’m mentioning this because it’s quick and easy to procure a 30 day emergency food kit. I have a number of these because you can quickly grab-n-go if you wanted to. Also, be careful to check calories on these kits because some are low (you might need two instead). 2,000 calories per day is a good target.

Search 30 Day Emergency Food Supply on amzn

(3) Food – More of what you already eat

This means food from the grocery store. Most people have a week or less at home. Just get more. Canned meats, vegetables, sauces. Pasta, rice, beans. A chest freezer enables lots of storage too. Though obviously an issue during long term power outage. (Generator?). I have so many articles here on MSB about food storage… use the search box for more info.

Food & Kitchen category on MSB

(4) Food – Long Term Dry Goods

As you can see, I’ve split food into 3 groups (there are actually more, but this sets the notion of diversifying. This last one is a catch-all for bulk storage of things like dry “food staples” and other foods purposed strictly towards long term storage. Here’s a related article to get you on the right track:

Most Common Survival Food In Prepper’s Deep Storage

(5) Water Storage At Home

This might be a combination of cases of drinking water bottles from the grocery store, water-safe containers / jugs (filled), and even larger storage such as a 55 gallon water drum. This storage will get you by for a short while if something goes wrong.

example: 5 gallon stackers (view on amzn)

(6) Water Filter – Countertop Gravity Filter

I am a big advocate for having a quality countertop water filter for the home. Safe drinking water is paramount to survival. I highly recommend any of the Berkey models from the following USA distributor:

USA Berkey Filters

(7) Water Filter – Portable

A good water filter for on the go. Something you can throw in a backpack. Or keep in your vehicle’s kit. I’ve always liked the ‘ Sawyer Mini ‘ water filter. The ‘ Lifestraw ‘ is okay too. There are many others too.

Search Portable Water Filters on amzn

(8) Fire Making Kit

Any aspect of making a fire. Essential for any survival kit. Have more than one way to make a fire. I write about it in the following article:

Articles on MSB about Fire Making

(9) Rope, Paracord, Cordage

There are countless uses for cordage. I keep a working 1,000 foot spool of paracord at home, from which I peel lengths off for various kits and uses. I also have other ropes (thicker, heavier) for their own uses. Keep a variety.

Paracord – What it’s Used For – How Much Do You Need?

(10) Flashlights

I like flashlights (a little too much). One on my key-chain and others all around the house and kits. Don’t forget a supply of batteries too.

Batteries That Don’t Leak Or Corrode

(11) Headlamp

You gotta have hands-free lighting sometimes! Nothing better than a headlamp for this.

Headlamp or Flashlight – Which Is Best?

(12) First Aid Kit & Supplies

It’s always good to start with a general purpose first aid kit for home (like this highly popular one on amzn). Then add to it. Also build your own mini first aid kit for any backpack survival kits you may have. One for your car too.

(13) 2-Way Radios For Communications

These radios are great for general purpose close range communications. They’re also a great tool for security. A half dozen or so of these inexpensive devices would be a good thing to have on hand. Maybe designate a few of them for the Faraday Cage…

Best Baofeng Antenna Upgrade

(14) Portable AM/FM/Shortwave Radio

Battery operated radio for getting information when the power is out. They can also be fun listening on the HAM bands. Another good preparedness tool…

Shortwave Radio For Travel | Portable Handheld | Hobby Listening

(15) Solar Battery Charger

Power up and charge batteries for your devices when the power goes out. AA, AAA, for flashlights, radios. USB Charge your cell phone, etc..

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