Prophetic Dream Shows Teacher How to Combat Sex-Laden Message Culture Sends Our Kids

Prophetic Dream Shows Teacher How to Combat Sex-Laden Message Culture Sends Our Kids by CANDICE COFFEY for Charisma News

Have you ever walked into a makeup store to find the perfect shade of lipstick? The last time I went, with both my young daughters in tow, I was shocked and appalled by the names on the tubes.

Hot and bothered.

Barely legal.

Naughty nude.

Nearly every label I read contained a sexually suggestive name.


X Rated.


And the store was full of young girls! Teens and preteens looking for love and affirmation, but instead finding what the cosmetic industry sells: sex.

The cosmetic industry mirrors the double standard our culture holds for women. By and large, our culture wants to empower women. Culture wants women to stand up for themselves and be heard. Culture wants women to shatter glass ceilings.

But culture also wants sex to sell.

Culture wants to empower women to thrust their hips in a nude-colored leotard on national television. Culture wants women to exploit their sexuality to fit in or get ahead, but to stand up when they’ve been exploited. Culture wants women to advance, but at what cost? Can you have your cake and eat it, too?

Unfortunately, I think the majority of our culture is blind to the double standards. We’ve been sold sex for so long, it’s almost as if we don’t even notice it anymore. Our eyes gloss over as a sex scene unfolds during our favorite prime-time show, we sing along as our favorite musician performs in next to nothing for a sold-out audience, we shrug as the crop tops and short shorts our daughters request to wear get shorter by the year.

Sex for sale is the status quo, and the extent to which we’ve been desensitized is alarming.

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