12 Times Trump Has STRONGLY Supported Homosexuality

12 Times Trump Has STRONGLY Supported Homosexuality by Fr. Joseph Gleason for Russia-Insider

We may be witnessing the greatest moral pivot of our time, and it may be the tipping point that brings about the end of America as we know it. Seemingly overnight, Democrat and Republican leaders are all waving rainbow flags, heralding the advent of Sodom.

America is quickly becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah, and as we fall headlong into the 2020 presidential election season, there are those of us who want to see it stop.

We know the liberal Democrats have been supporting degenerate homosexuals for years. The tragedy is that now we are given no other options, even from Republicans. On this crucial issue, Trump has sold the farm and joined forces with the Democrats.

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It is obvious that this liberal madness is supported by Bernie and Buttigieg. But for some reason, it is less obvious (to some) that Trump is on the same bandwagon.

This issue is of utmost importance. Homosexual activists are causing the persecution of Christian families, threatening us in ways that no one else does. People are being denied employment, fired from their jobs, and denied the right to adopt children, merely because they don’t agree with legalized sodomy. And new laws are being passed, putting parents at risk of losing their own children if they don’t fully submit to the lavender mafia. This madness needs to be stopped, and it needs to be stopped now.

Before Americans make voting decisions, they need to be informed — especially in regard to serious issues like this one. Multiple cultures have been destroyed because of homosexual sex, and we don’t want to see the same thing happen to America.

Here is an overview of Trump’s history with the homosexual movement, both before and after his election as President of the United States. We will consider his views and activities in the Past, Present, & Future:

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