Arkansas Senator On CPS Kidnappings: “No Horror Movie Ever Prepared You For This”

Arkansas Senator On CPS Kidnappings: “No Horror Movie Ever Prepared You For This” via Humans Are Free

Article written by Arkansas Senator, Alan Clark

Protecting the constitutional rights of innocent families and protecting children from abuse should not be an either/or proposition.

Providing a method for the legislature (or some representatives of the people, but the legislature is already duly elected and constitutionally charged) to examine a secretive agency in a serious structured way while protecting the privacy of families, also should not be an either/or proposition.

Which is why when legislators want to look into abuses of the system, the agency’s cries of “we have to protect the children” ring hollow. Especially when the specific information they don’t want to become public indicts the agency and in no way harms a family. But I can’t tell you what that information is, so they and their allies sound like martyrs laying down their lives for the children.

If only it were true.

Senator Alan Clark

Do Good Social Workers Fear For Their Jobs?

Let’s stipulate that DCFS (Division of Children and Family Services, a subdivision of DHS) and CACD (Crimes Against Children Division of the Arkansas State Police) does important work in protecting children against abuse.

Let’s stipulate some of the finest people I have ever met work for those agencies and dedicate their lives to saving children.

Their honesty in expressing their concerns with me is no small part of the reason I know we have serious problems. Let’s also stipulate that more than 1 or 2 have told me they do not wish to visit with me because they believe they will be fired. I am not saying they are correct in that assertion. Just think about the mindset within the agency that reveals.

Is It Lawful For Child Social Services To Violate The Bill Of Rights?

Let’s also stipulate that child abuse is not new in the 21st century, and had James Madison intended to offer the Bill of Rights with the caveat “except in cases of suspected child abuse” he would have. Let’s stipulate that this document sets us apart in the world. The Bill of Rights plays a very major role in identifying what it means to be an American.

It is an understandable fact that sometimes some police officers become distrustful of almost everyone. When dealing with the worst of society, and protecting the rest of us from it, on a daily basis it can skew your perspective.

So can dealing with terrible things done to children everyday. Recent stories we all know like the 4 year old taken into custody who told the authorities her name was “Idiot” to the more recent baby allegedly punched to death by her father, are sickening just to hear about from the safe distance of a TV set.

But to deal with them up close and personal, tends to affect you. It doesn’t make you a bad person but it does jade you to the possible innocence of those charged. You have seen so many others who claimed to be innocent too.

Someone has to stop this child abuse nightmare. Why take a chance that someone will harm a child again, when you can be sure that child is removed, “just in case”? Of course it happens. We are dealing with human beings here.

Here is the problem. That jaded policeman works out in the public with public records, even a bodycam and dashcam. Everything he/she might say about you will be in open court for the press and everyone else to see.

The DCFS and CACD investigators do not. They insist you have to allow searches without warrants, access to your children without charges, and they make “true findings” without a trial. You not only can’t face your accuser, more often than not, you don’t know who it is.

In other areas, the accused has due process. In these cases, for all practical purposes, you do not. That doesn’t bother most of us for 2 reasons. 1. We don’t know about it. 2. These scumbags who hurt children need to be dealt with.

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