What Does it Mean to Wait on God? (Video)

What Does it Mean to Wait on God? Video by Pastor Bill Johnson for Bethel Church

Bill speaks in Australia in 2018. Quotes: “What does it mean to wait on God? You go where He’s moving, don’t wait for Him to come to you. He’s not some cosmic bellhop where we ring the bell and He comes running to us. He wants to be found by us, which implies there’s a journey, and a search; there is a pursuit. It requires us to leave the comfort of our present situation. The word for “waiting on God” is translated in different ways in the Old Testament. One is to, “whirl in the dance.” Imagine yourself mid-flight when you are whirling in the dance. What is your biggest concern? You suddenly have intense focus on the furniture that’s in the room. It’s called focus. What is it to wait on God? It’s to remove every distraction and lean in to the very thing He said he was going to do. It’s determining to be ALL-IN! It’s saying, “I am alive for this one reason, to see the purposes of God demonstrated in the earth. I am all-in!

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