How to Discern God’s Hand at Work in Your Life

How to Discern God’s Hand at Work in Your Life by SHARON MANCHA for Charisma News

God desires to have an intimate relationship with each of us. He drops seeds into our hearts and cultivates them to provoke our discernment of His activity in our lives. This intentional effort of God is to draw us closer to Him and to stimulate an attitude of gratitude, resulting in our joy being full. Developing an ear and eye to see the courting of the Lord demands an intentional and authentic sensitivity to God’s voice and activity. Dr. Sharon Mancha is passionate about sharing how to discern the hand and love of God in your life, how to deepen your love for Him and how to enhance your dependence on Him for life success. She has been through difficult seasons that have informed her understanding of the importance of living in pursuit of God.

Lady Sharon has been tried in the fire and learned that yielding to God’s quest of your heart is the most important decision you can make for safe passage through life’s challenges. She proclaims that when we respond to God, we reap the riches of life and discover health for the soul and spirit.

“I know that relationship with God empowers the whole life and provides a solid foundation for understanding and successfully engaging the world around us,” Mancha says. She sees that relationship with God is necessary to experiencing ultimate joy and that out of this relationship flow all the resources for living a happy life (see John 15:5).

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