Prophecy: A Jubilee Anointing Is About to Hit America

Prophecy: A Jubilee Anointing Is About to Hit America by JOE JOE DAWSON for Charisma News

For decades, intercessors, prophets and many believers have all been prophesying and praying for America to experience revival and awakening. I believe the time is now for America to receive an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like never before!

The Lord recently highlighted to me two different numbers. The first was that there are 50 states within the United States. What does the number 50 mean Biblically? 50 represents jubilee.

The second number was 2020. What is significant about 2020. Well, 2020 vision is perfect and clear vision. I believe that 2020 will be a year marked by clear vision in America. I believe clarity is coming to governmental and civic leaders, church leaders, and many in different realms of influence.

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God is invading every area of our society in this hour. We should each want to be a part of what He is doing through prayer, serving others, and bringing the kingdom of God with us everywhere we go. God wants to manifest His purpose and power in America. In this season, God is looking for the champions who have been hidden away in the secret place to step onto the scene and represent Him in America and in the earth.

There is no question that in all areas of society there is chaos, darkness, and corruption. However, I believe a Jubilee anointing is about to hit America! God is working behind the scenes and I believe this is a year of Jubilee for the United States and for many believers around the world. The year of Jubilee in scripture represented a time of freedom, forgiveness, and powerful encounters with the presence of God.

America was founded on the principles of God. I am believing for awakening to sweep across America and for repentance to change the hearts of the American people. In 2020, I believe jubilee is coming to America.

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