50 Survival Lessons from the Great Depression

50 Survival Lessons from the Great Depression by Charles Yor for Survival Sullivan

The Great Depression conjures images a severe lack and economic devastation. Trains of ramshackle vehicles hauling entire families of migrant workers desperately trying to eke out a living.

Entire blocks worth of businesses shuttered. Skyrocketing prices and plummeting wages. Bank’s closing. Falling demand creating a domino effect of failing commercial sectors. Construction stopped. Growth halted and backsliding.

Unemployed men queued outside

The Great Depression was nothing less than a worldwide catastrophe. Its effects were felt literally everywhere, from the shores of the New World to the ancient cobblestone streets of European cities and everywhere in between.

In many ways, this is one of the only true worldwide disasters that resulted in genuine life or death survival situations for a long period of time that we can study from the 20th century. We should learn what lessons we can from it so we are better prepared to survive the harshest of times in the future.

In this article, I’ll be providing you with 50 survival tips gleaned from the hard-won lessons of those who lived through the Great Depression.

The Collapse was a Whisper, Not a Bang

For preppers, it is easy to focus on the loud, the violent and the chaotic. Things that are big and scary, classical monsters if you will, natural disasters and cataclysms of all kinds seem to hold our attention the most.

That’s easy to understand, and it’s forgivable: if a squeaky wheel gets enough attention to earn a little dab of grease, the howling roar of a tornado or the titanic impact of an asteroid will garner considerably more attention.

But as awful as those loud, scary disasters can be, there are quite a few that are silent, and worse than any storm or bomb. Far worse. Pestilence and plague is one such silent killer that most preppers are already acquainted with and preparing for.

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