‘…That’s easy, I’d get a dog…’

‘…That’s easy, I’d get a dog…’By for Faith Wire

GNN Note – From the mouths of babes. It’s a shame all the “grown-ups” don’t see life as simplistic as getting a dog and loving your family.


In December 2018, Bethel Musician who is famously known for the song “Reckless Love” announced to his 230,000 Instagram followers that he would be taking 2019 off from music and social media. And in 2019, he did just that.

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In a recent interview with Bethel Music, Asbury explained why he took a year away from music, stepped away from social media, and chose to stay home from tour.

It all started after the success of “Reckless Love,” which was ranked as the biggest Christian song in 2018 by Billboard, and the fourth biggest Christian song of the 2010s.

“It’s awesome when a blessing happens, but I was also traveling a ton,” Asbury explained to Bethel. “One day I had a come to Jesus moment with my wife. We asked the Father, ‘You’ve poured this blessing out on us, so how are you going to make a way for this to be sustainable for our family?’”

A moment he shared with his wife, was particularly pivotal in his decision to take some time off from music.

“At that moment my wife Anna reminded me of a conversation she had with our son Gabriel. She asked him if he had the choice to either travel the world and go on tour with dad to all the big cities and eat all the best food—or get a dog and stay home for a year—which would he choose?  I was thinking about my response, that I would rather travel and see all the places and eat all the food. Anna told me that Gabriel responded so quickly and said, ‘Mommy that’s easy, I’d get a dog and stay home together.’”

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