Pam Bondi Destroyed the Democrats Narrative on Joe & Hunter Biden (Video)

Pam Bondi Destroyed the Democrats Narrative on Joe & Hunter Biden Video by Conservative Resurgence

GNN Note – Two points where there is a language alert – at 5:37 mark and 5:59 mark.


There went forth the sound of a great triggering this afternoon after Pam Bondi took to the Senate floor to deliver a devastating fact case against Hunter Biden, who resides at the center of the question of what Trump was wanting investigated back in the summer.

The common refrain you hear from Democrats and the media is that Hunter Biden is irrelevant. Yet, they then want to deny Republicans the right to show that investigating him was a legitimate pursuit. It’s an attempt to have it both ways and Bondi was having none of it.
Bondi even went so far as to play the tape of Joe Biden threatening to withhold aid from Ukraine while he was Vice President. That’s a clip which has been black-balled by the legacy media, as it’s just an awful look. It also presents evidence that there should at least be some reasonable suspicion into Joe Biden’s obvious conflict of interest given his son was making $80K a month from a corrupt Ukrainian gas company at the same time.

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I’m gonna guess that CNN cut away, because of course they did. They played hour after hour of Adam Schiff lying and making hyperbolic statements, but the moment a member of Trump’s defense starts making a counter point, they’ve got to run and cut to Jake Tapper or something. Fox News was simply covering the news by showing Bondi’s floor presentation. CNN should try it sometime.

Enough of the double standards. Democrats don’t get to claim that Trump had no legitimate reason to investigate in Ukraine while at the same time demanding no efforts be made to show there was a legitimate reason. That’s not how this works. Bondi’s fact case was compelling and laid bear a lot of inconvenient facts for Democrats and the media. It’s about time someone did so on a national stage.

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