Canada Seeks Prison for Christian Who Stood Against LGBT

Canada Seeks Prison for Christian Who Stood Against LGBT By Sean Jackson @LogosOfHealth  via The New American

EXCLUSIVECanadian authorities are going all out to imprison a Christian street preacher who stood against the LGBT juggernaut, sparking urgent concerns about human-rights and anti-Christian persecution in America’s increasingly radicalized neighbor to the north.

“Who are we as a nation?”

I think this is the most important questions Canada faces, and any nation faces. Who are we as Canadians, and what is the role of the government?”

It is the most important question any nation faces, and it is one that Bill Whatcott of Canada is determined to get answers to. It is also the driving question behind his activism. If you do not know his name, you should. He has been arrested over 30 times for asking this question in front of abortion clinics and on college campuses; but now he is the main subject of a test case by the Canadian fascist, “liberal” party and their war on Christianity. His criminal trial starts in June, and it should be one that everyone is looking at if you love freedom and religious liberty across North America.

Bill is facing 2 years in prison for another peaceful protest of regressive communist policies that attempt to silence Christians on social questions. This is an attempt to set precedent in Canada for all Christians, preachers, and protesters that will work their way down to America if the secular humanists have their way. This means, if they can do it to him, they know they can do it to you. The picture above shows Bill protesting the persecution of Christians in 2014, dressed harmlessly as “The High Priest of the Flying Spaghetti Monsters”, which is a common trope atheists use to insult Christians. In fact, this phrase is so important to atheists, he was sued by an American atheist group who had trademarked the name for their brand of Christian hatred. He has been doing these protests for 3 decades.

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