Spirit-Filled Doctor Explains the Real Remedy to Christians’ Suffering

Spirit-Filled Doctor Explains the Real Remedy to Christians’ Suffering by CHARISMA HOUSE for Charisma News

In her book Find Your Peace, Rodica Malos, DNP, uses her experience of immigrating to America to encourage readers to grieve when they are suffering. Malos offers a fresh perspective, as Christians often trivialize the role of emotion in faith.

“People sometimes minimize or disregard emotions when talking about our Creator. But God grieves with us,” Malos says.

She recalls having to wait six years after moving to America before she could visit her family in Romania. During that time, her sister died at a young age, and Malos was not able to attend her funeral. Later her father and brother died within a six-month period. Malos was so devastated that she developed broken heart syndrome, which, like a heart attack, involves shortness of breath and chest pain.

“To paraphrase Proverbs 17:22, it felt as if my bones were drying from the bitterness and emotional pain. I was depressed and unable to eat or enjoy food,” she says.

But, as she learned, the despair only lasted a season. Malos was comforted to know that Jesus mourns with us.

“Allow your heart to be broken, because Jesus’ heart was broken. Jesus Christ has emotions about our pain. It is the fellowship of His suffering for our sins, so we suffer in many situations. Jesus in Gethsemane entered the fellowship of His sufferings because of the joy that was before Him, to give us eternal salvation from eternal punishment,” Malos says.

She wants readers to know they can grieve but also not to lose belief in God’s goodness. Her book Find Your Peace speaks to Christians who struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, bitterness, and other mental and emotional issues—but from a medical perspective. Malos bridges the gap between faith and neuroscience, unearthing divine prescriptions from the Bible. Christians can learn how to develop a healthier lifestyle full of blessings and peace. 

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