HOW TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU DIE by Nicholas Davis for Core Christianity

Most religions agree that your status in the afterlife will depend on how well or how poorly you lived in this life. In other words, if you were a good person, you will be rewarded in the next life. If you were a bad person, you will be punished.

Not every religion or view about the afterlife believes in a continuation of life. Some people believe that after death you will cease to exist. Christianity, on the other hand, affirms a continuation of life, and this is based not on speculation, but on fact.

It sounds overconfident (especially in an age of skepticism) to assert that we can know for sure what will happen to us after we die, but the fact of the matter is, we do know!

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The Christian’s confidence and knowledge of the afterlife depend not upon the ability to gaze into the future, like some palm reader, but on looking back at the past to just two thousand years ago in the small region of Palestine. There, a man named Jesus claimed to be God—and proved it.

Those who trust in Christ as their Savior shall be raised even as he was raised. The resurrection of Jesus Christ in the first century is the primary reason for the believer’s confidence in this future reality.

Because Jesus has already been raised from the dead in real time, space, and history, all Christians can be certain that—for all of those who look to him in faith—they too shall be raised. This is God’s promise to us and was accomplished for our benefit (Rom. 4:23–25).

The apostle Paul believed this and lodged his hope in the secure foundation of Christ’s bodily resurrection from the dead. He said:

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