Aaron Rodgers Confession on Why He Abandoned His Christian Faith Shows Why Theology Matters

Aaron Rodgers Confession on Why He Abandoned His Christian Faith Shows Why Theology Matters By  for Faith Wire

NFL star quarterback and certain future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers has once again opened up about his personal beliefs, adding further details to why he has essentially abandoned the Christian faith.

In a podcast interview with his girlfriend, former racing star Danica Patrick, Rodgers discusses some of the specific beliefs he took issue with, including how his church growing up treated people, the book of Revelation, and more.

It’s a very interesting peek inside the soul and mind of a popular public figure, one we rarely get to see. His comments also reveal the damaging effects poor theology — and poor Christian witness — can have on an individual.

During the interview, Rodgers explained how in his early life he and most of his friends were essentially forced to go to church, something he clearly viewed negatively as the only recollection he points to is being eager to get back home to watch NFL football on TV.

He did, however, enjoy the “meaningful” work he was able to do in the mission field as part of the “Young Life” organization, recalling building homes for people who were living in makeshift situations due to extreme poverty.

When Rodgers arrived at college, however, things began to take a turn. He didn’t find a similar connection point with faith groups on campus, and instead had friends with varying beliefs that influenced his thinking (emphasis mine):

“I had some good friendships along the way to help me figure out exactly what I wanted to believe in. Ultimately, it was that rules and regulations and binary systems don’t really resonate with me. It’s been a fun path to a different type of spirituality which to me has been more meaningful. Some people just need structure and they need tradition and stuff and that works for them. I don’t have a problem with it, it just doesn’t resonate with me.”

Perhaps Rodgers simply misspoke here, but Christians should notice the red flags with the wording he uses — specifically when he says he was trying to figure out “what I wanted to believe in” while bemoaning “rules and regulations.”

Believing what we “want” to believe in is a very dangerous path to pursue. Why? First of all, because the truth should be what we choose to follow, not our personal preference of what God should be like.

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