Agenda 21 In Action – U.N. Warns World to Prepare for Millions of ‘Climate Refugees’

Agenda 21 In Action – U.N. Warns World to Prepare for Millions of ‘Climate Refugees’ by SIMON KENT for Breitbart

GNN Note – If you’re not familiar with the United Nations “Agenda 21” you should be. Please take time to read and digest the document found at this link If you read the Wikipedia propaganda about this initiative you will be more ill informed than you are currently. This document has been updated to now include the 2030 Agenda – found at this link

When a documents first words are “Transforming Our World” that should not only get your attention it should send shivers throughout your body – and more importantly, you should think about the generations to come.

The new public education curriculum, Common Core, is an Agenda 21 initiative as are all the “tall and skinny” houses being placed 2,3,4 to a housing lot that used to be for one home. Read all about it and a whole lot more at the links provided above.

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Millions of people being are being driven from their homes by the impact of climate change, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said on Tuesday, warning the world must get ready to accommodate them.

Filippo Grandi flew to Davos, Switzerland,  for this week’s World Economic Forum (WEF) to deliver his warning of approaching demographic catastrophe.

He said a U.N. ruling meant those fleeing as a result of climate change deserved international protection, and that it had broad implications for governments everywhere, Reuters reports.

The U.N. Human Rights Committee made the landmark ruling on Monday in relation to Ioane Teitiota, from the Pacific nation of Kiribati, who brought a case against New Zealand after authorities denied his claim of asylum.

The U.N. also rejected his claim, saying he wasn’t in immediate danger, but the wording of its ruling allows others to claim asylum based on climate change, the BBC reports.

Sending asylum seekers home when their lives are threatened by the climate crisis “may expose individuals to a violation of their rights” – specifically, it said, their right to life.

The theme of climate refugees has already been raised in the U.S. during the Democrat debates, with Bernie Sanders echoing the U.N.’s concerns:

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