12 Drugless Ways to Avoid Getting the Flu

12 Drugless Ways to Avoid Getting the Flu ​from Mercola

An Oregon mother found out firsthand the potentially severe side effects of the flu medicine, Tamiflu, and now wants to warn others, her local station KKTV 11 reported.


When her son got sick, Sarah Wells took him to the doctor, where he was prescribed Tamiflu. Her son started experiencing hallucinations, hearing voices and saying that “everything was in fast forward” after taking it for a couple of days, Wells told reporters. The psychological effects of Tamiflu are known side effects and occur more commonly in children, the report said.

The antiviral drug Tamiflu is the second recommendation on the CDC’s list of flu preventions and treatments, right behind the flu vaccine. And, at the recommendation of the WHO, governments around the world have stockpiled the drug in preparation for potential flu pandemics.

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The U.S. government has spent an estimated $1.3 billion to stockpile Tamiflu, despite a review from the highly respected Cochrane Collaboration that questioned the drug’s effectiveness and called the billions of dollars spent to stockpile Tamiflu a waste of money.

Also, before reaching for Tamiflu, consider that since 2009, Roche, the maker of Tamiflu, has refused to release data from eight of 10 clinical trials on the drug. There is currently no scientific basis for the WHO’s recommendation to use Tamiflu to treat or prevent the flu, and it’s believed by many that the missing trial data may reveal potential harms, and/or verify the drug’s ineffectiveness.

Serious questions continue to be raised about the drug’s effectiveness and the scientific basis for the global recommendation of the drug. In addition, numerous studies show that flu vaccines simply do not work, even though health care workers across the U.S. now face being fired unless they get a flu shot.

Serious side effects include convulsions, delirium or delusions, and suicidal behavior, and at least 14 deaths in children and teens have been reported as a result of neuropsychiatric problems and brain infections.

Yes, influenza can be deadly, but if you’re pretty healthy, it’s usually a self-limiting illness that runs its course in a few days and requires no treatment.

Revving up your healthy immune system is the key to avoiding flu and other illnesses. A combination of the following directives will support your immune system and help you avoid getting the flu:

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