Pat Robertson: Jesus Measures Every Person by This Secret Kingdom Principle

Pat Robertson: Jesus Measures Every Person by This Secret Kingdom Principle by PAT ROBERTSON for Charisma News

In the secret kingdom of God, all of us are measured by a principle set forth by Jesus Christ. “To whom much is given, from him much will be required.” Think about how this works.

If someone said to me, “Build an automobile,” I would laugh, and then, working as hard as possible, I might be able to create one fender. If a machine shop was told to build an automobile, after a year they might create one crudely built vehicle and feel they’ve succeeded. However, if General Motors was told to build an automobile and all they created was one, they would have failed miserably, because the expectation would be that with the factories, the finances, and the expertise available to them, their output would be in the millions of cars, not one or two.

Here’s another example. If Chase Manhattan Bank had an annual profit of $10,000, their chairman would be fired, and investors would desert them in droves, because they have available resources capable of deriving billions of dollars of profit on an annual basis, not a few thousand.

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To put it in a spiritual context, if a small church of a thousand members brought a hundred people to faith in Jesus Christ in a year, they would be commended for their diligence. If CBN, which broadcasts in seventy languages in over two hundred countries, won a hundred people to faith in Jesus in a year, it would be considered a dreadful failure. “Unto whom much is given, much will be required.” Whether it’s in business, in finance, in spiritual ministry, in education, in art, in music—wherever we have found ourselves—the secret kingdom demands that we bring forth a return from our life’s work that is commensurate with the opportunities placed in our hands.

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