Ilhan Omar Slams Pro-Life Christians: They’re “Trying to Impose Their Beliefs on Society”

Ilhan Omar Slams Pro-Life Christians: They’re “Trying to Impose Their Beliefs on Society” by MICAIAH BILGER for Life News

GNN Note – This woman, and her entire extended family, should be stripped of all wealth received since arriving in the U.S., be removed from Congress, stripped of citizenship and deported – immediately. The tax payers of this very generous nation, that, literally, saved her life, pay her $174,000/ annually and allow her to attack every aspect of our nation. This has to stop.


Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar slammed pro-life Christians for “trying to impose their beliefs on society” while she herself advocates for aborting unborn babies and forcing taxpayers to fund abortions.

CNS News reports Omar spoke out against pro-life legislation on the House floor last year, claiming laws that protect the unborn are “horrifying attacks” against women’s “reproductive rights.”

“Religious fundamentalists are currently trying to manipulate the State laws in order to impose their beliefs on an entire society, all with complete disregard for voices and the rights of American women,” she said May 22.

A pro-abortion Democrat, she described pro-life Christians as hypocrites who just want to control women.

“The recent efforts like those in Alabama and Georgia are only the latest in a long history of efforts to criminalize women for simply existing and to punish us when we don’t conform to their attempts to control us,” Omar said.

“This isn’t about religious morality or conviction, because we have seen time and time again those who talk about their faith and want to push policies because of their faith are the ones who simply are caught with the hypocrisy of not living it out in their personal lives,” she continued.

Though many Christians do advocate for unborn babies because of their beliefs, pro-lifers come from many different faiths – or no faith – and political persuasions. What unites them is not “religious fundamentalism” but scientific evidence and beliefs about basic human rights. Biologically, it is widely accepted that a unique, living human being comes into existence at the moment of conception, and an abortion kills that human being.

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But abortion activists like Omar choose to ignore the facts and mislead the public to push their pro-abortion agenda.

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