‘We Do Not Hate You’: Chinese Megachurch Issues Stunning Response to Government After Senior Pastor Jailed

‘We Do Not Hate You’: Chinese Megachurch Issues Stunning Response to Government After Senior Pastor Jailed By  for Faith Wire

GNN Note – We are seeing more and more people demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ working in their lives. Two incidents in the U.S. where family members were gunned down in cold blood while another family member forgave the criminal of his act of violence. Now this. When I see this type of situation continuing to grow it is more evidence that Christianity is not only alive it is thriving. These people didn’t wake one morning a decide they should forgive someone of these types of attacks against their family. This is what the Holy Spirit does when people have a close relationship with Him.


Early Rain Covenant Church, the Chinese megachurch that has seen its senior pastor Wang Yi put behind bars for nine years, has spoken out following the sentencing.

Early Rain has been oppressed by government officials for a number of years, primarily because it is a thriving community of faith that refuses to bow down to government idolatry.

It’s pastor, Wang Yi, has been repeatedly intimidated and threatened with arrest for simply preaching the gospel with boldness and calling out the sin of the militant communist government.

At the end of last year, however, Yi finally received his punishment — 9 years in prison for “inciting subversion of state power and illegally operating a business.”

The crackdown on Early Rain began in December 2018, when dozens of elders and church members were detained indefinitely. But it was Yi, the frontman who had openly called on President Xi Jinping to repent, who was kept in custody while his fellow believers were gradually released.

Now, following the imprisonment of its leader, Early Rain has issued a statement accusing the government of committing a grave “sin against God.”

“Do you not know that this is an abuse of your authority?” they asked.

Incredibly, despite the relentless persecution that the church’s members have been subjected to, the faith community insists it will pray for the communist regime.

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