Family alerted to devastating fire by ‘God knocking on the door’

Family alerted to devastating fire by ‘God knocking on the door’ By Kim Davis, The Western Journal for WND

Standing in the ashes of what was once her home, an Alabama woman is thanking God for saving her family from a devastating house fire.

Sherri Rosas, from Steele, Alabama, lost everything in a house fire caused by faulty wiring in the attic the day after Christmas.

Rosas has been weary, she told WBMA-TV, heartsick since the death of her father in 2019.

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But Rosas believes that God is with her and her family through the hardship, crediting God with warning her 13-year-old son about the deadly flames so they could escape.

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Twenty-three-year-old Ashlee Pham, Rosas’ daughter, told WBMA that a loud knocking noise in her mother’s home prompted her little brother to investigate.

“My 13-year-old brother heard a knock on the door and it was actually the ceiling had collapsed in the laundry room,” Pham said. “So him and my mom got the animals and got out.”

Pham and Rosas believe that the timing of the jarring noise was orchestrated by God.

“[T]hat knock was God knocking on the door to let them know to get out of the house because the house was burning. If they wouldn’t have gotten out when he heard that knocking, they would have probably been in that back room and they wouldn’t have been able to get out where they were at,” Pham said.

Through tears, Rosas thanked God for being with her and her son during the fire.

“I believe in God. God was definitely here that day,” Rosas said.

She pointed out that two Bibles were some of the only salvageable items from her home, with one Bible continuously opening to a particularly meaningful passage to Rosas.

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