Understanding Your Rights / Liberties Means Avoiding Harassment

Understanding Your Rights / Liberties Means Avoiding Harassment by Rory for The Daily Coin

The video below shows what happens when you know your legal rights as granted by the state. Knowing the laws, bills, acts and regulations takes time but it allows you to verbally stand your ground when harassed for no reason what-so-ever.

This cyclist, may or may not have been able to show the law to the cops, however, he had already displayed enough knowledge of his legal rights and God given Liberties that the authoritarians felt they had better not challenge him any further. This is how you keep your God given Liberties and are able to avoid having the state step on your face.

Video taping at all times is not a bad idea either. Video taping most certainly kept this situation under control and respectful for all concerned. The cops knew they had to tow the line or very bad things could happen to them personally and professionally. Being personally sued, losing your job and possibly facing jail time does not sound like a good plan when your goal was simple extortion of an innocent cyclist. Probably should just let it be and find someone that doesn’t know their rights and hit them twice as hard.

When we know our stated sanctioned rights and our God given Liberties it makes for a polite society. The same as an armed society makes for a polite society. No one in their mind is going to attempt to infringe on your rights or Liberties if everyone has a solid understanding of the basics and a fair amount of society has an in-depth understanding. Imagine what would happen if civics were taught in schools today as they used to taught in days gone by. What would our society look like? Mayberry RFD, Andy Griffith or one of the other TV shows where the citizens and police, not only respected one another, but they actually served and protected one another.

Back off, go get the real criminals and stop actual crimes.

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