Prophetic Word: 2020 Will Be the ‘Year of Honey’ (Video)

Prophetic Word: 2020 Will Be the ‘Year of Honey’ (Video)

Will 2020 be a year of breakthrough and honey? In a new video posted by Morris Cerullo Ministries, Apostle Fernando Garay says 2019 correlates to the year 5779 on the Hebrew calendar, and that in both cases, we are transitioning into a new decade—which he says has prophetic significance.

“In the Bible, numbers have significance,” Garay says. “The number nine deals with the end of something. … Something new is about to begin. That’s why my spirit is jumping.”

In the video, Garay says 2020 will be a “year of honey,” indicating sweetness will permeate the body of Christ.

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“Another thing I see is that God is showing me it is a year of honey,” Garay says. “When you think of honey, what do you think of? Something sweet. Something good. Something that makes you smile. If you put a little bit of honey on toast and you take a little bite, it kind of makes you smile, because it’s a little sweet. It’s got a good flavor. So this year’s going to be a sweet year. Honey—it’s a year of blessing. God told His people, ‘I come down. I have heard your prayers. Now I come down to deliver you and take you into a land flowing with milk and honey.’ So this year, 2020, get ready because you’re going to sense a lot of sweetness in your soul, sweetness in your spirit, backed up by authority, backed up by God’s kingdom.”

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Garay also says 2020 will bring a new era for believers, including prophetic visions, double doors of blessing opening wide and breakthrough in the natural realm.

“As soon as you enter in January, those that know the Word of the Lord, you will enter a new era, a new lifestyle,” Garay says. “Something new will happen to many of you. Something new. It’s a new era. God begins something completely new in your life. … Another thing I want to show you is that doors are about to open up wide. Wide doors. Not one door—doors. Double doors are opening for your life. … Another thing that I’m seeing is a breakthrough. There’s a breakthrough, and we learn that God gives us breakthroughs in the natural. We’ve learned this: that every breakthrough in the natural is because something in the spirit is happening. So we as a body of Christ, as a people of God, will be seeing and living a lot of breakthrough. This is it. This is it. You’re in it. This is breakthrough time.”

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