This Anointing Will Empower You to Fulfill Your Divine Assignment

This Anointing Will Empower You to Fulfill Your Divine Assignment by GUILLERMO MALDONADO for Charisma News

Becoming who we were created to be is possible only through the grace, power and anointing of God. Our purpose has a heavenly origin, and therefore, it is beyond the perception of our natural senses.

It transcends the boundaries of human reason and ability as well as the limits of physical law. Thus, we categorically need the supernatural power of God to fulfill His unique assignment for us on earth. It follows that if you believe you can achieve your purpose according to your own ability, it surely is not God’s true purpose for you.

The supernatural power to carry out a purpose, call or assignment from God is known as “the anointing.” We need to go through God’s process of transformation and maturation so we can be prepared to receive His anointing. To “anoint” means to endow someone with divine ability to do what they could not do according to their own nature and gifts. To effectively fulfill the purpose God has given you, you must have the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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Know the Reason for Your Anointing

The nature and measure of your anointing are given in accordance with your unique purpose. This divine ability is not given to you arbitrarily. It is not given to you with an option to use it or not. And it is not given to you merely for your own purposes. It is granted exclusively for the fulfillment of a specific purpose, call or assignment. Whether that purpose is in the area of business, the arts, education, sports, technology, law, ministry, politics, government, science, medicine or anything else, it can only be achieved in God. Therefore, no matter what sphere of influence or territory He has assigned to you, if you are working on the purpose He has given you, then you can be assured that God will provide you with His anointing.

Some people have divine ability, but they don’t know the reason for which God has anointed them. Because they don’t know how to connect their anointing with their purpose, they become extremely frustrated. Others don’t even recognize that a divine anointing awaits them. This is one of the reasons why many people feel empty and unhappy. They are ineffective or unproductive in their lives because they are operating outside of their calling and purpose.

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