Shocking: 5 food ingredients you may be UNAWARE cause uncontrollable weight gain

Shocking: 5 food ingredients you may be UNAWARE cause uncontrollable weight gain by:  for Natural News

Whether or not your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, one thing is for sure, if you eat all the wrong “food stuff,” it may not matter how often or how hard you work out, because you could be in for a rude awakening. One third of all Americans are considered overweight or “fat,” and at least half of those people who “carry extra luggage” are also considered obese. At least one hundred million Americans are walking around (or just sitting on their couch or in bed all day) with rolls upon rolls of fat, or muffin tops, spare tires, thunder thighs, junk in the trunk, pot bellies, cankles (really fat ankles), and fast food and sweets are not all to blame.

Americans love to go on “diets” of all kinds, from low-carb to no-carb, from low-fat to no-fat, or from low-sugar to no-sugar, and more often than not, the “diets” don’t work. Even when they shed some pounds, it’s quite common to put that weight right back on, and often in just days, even though the diet took months.

Other hefty people simply run into a brick wall, where no matter what they do to change their eating habits, their weight won’t budge, or they lose a few pounds, but then “hit a brick wall,” and can’t seem to lose any more. Worse yet, some diets actually lead people to putting on more weight, and medical doctors have no practical solutions for them, except of course, dangerous surgery.

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Maybe all these scenarios happen because losing weight and not putting it right back on relies heavily on smart lifestyle choices, and not just fad diets. Medical doctors are clueless when it comes to these, and even if they know, they are not allowed to suggest them. MD’s make six figure incomes because they keep their clients for life, not because they solve their problems.

What if you found out that weight gain comes from very secretive places, that the food and medical industries never speak about? What if you knew the secret to weight loss and ideal health, would you choose to put it to work for you?

Here are five “food stuff” ingredients you should try to avoid at all costs, and the reasons they cause inexplicable and uncontrollable weight gain. Take heed. You’ll be surprised in just how many foods and beverages these junk-science ingredients show up.

Take control of that “uncontrollable weight gain” by cutting these TOP 5 FOOD CRIMINALS out of your consumption routine

#1. Canola oil – Canola is the devil of all food stuff. It’s the margarine of yesteryear. It’s Canada’s #1 export, and Canadians rarely eat it themselves. How ironic. Canola oil coagulates in your blood and digestive tract, and it makes no difference if it’s organic, expeller pressed or cold-pressed. It leads to weight gain, memory loss, and eventually dementia. That means you get fat, stupid and can’t remember who your relatives are.

#2. Artificial sweeteners – Aspartame and sucralose – These lab-made concoctions are hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, tricking your body into thinking you’re eating tons of sugar. The result is you crave more sugar, and when you do eat the real thing, your body clings to it like a baby to candy. If you’re trying to lose weight, the last thing you need is to be hungry all the time. Lose the artificial sweeteners and lose the weight.

#3. Gluten – Nothing stops up your bowels more than processed gluten. Full of chemicals and sticky, glue-like globs of processed junk science, gluten makes you constipated. This fuels chronic inflammation sickness, and weight gain. Gluten is “food glue” and it rots in your body.

#4. Processed cow’s milk – Cow’s milk is engineered by Mother Nature to make calves fat. Ready to shed some unwanted pounds fast? Cut out all dairy products. Now, in America, this is no easy task, because the massively insidious dairy industry sneaks cow’s milk into millions of products, including “weight loss” powders and mixes in the form of whey protein. Plus, there’s cheese in or on almost every main dish at every restaurant in the country. Cow’s milk, unless it’s organic, also contains hormones that make you fat, just like the animals the CAFO industry shoots up, starting at birth, ending on the chopping block. Cut out all that cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and “low fat” milk, and you’re half way to paradise.

Realize this: Milk composition has a wide range of differences from one animal species to another. Take for instance, seals. Their milk is ultra-fatty at a whopping fifty percent, to help the baby seals obtain size quickly, so they’ll have that immense layer of blubber to save them in freezing conditions, and fat for burning while hunting for food on their own.

Still, most Americans love their cow’s milk… to death. Cow’s milk in America is naively fed to infants, toddlers, kids, teens, adults and the elderly until early death from chronic inflammation. Got allergies? Humans should NOT be drinking cow’s milk, whether it’s “fresh,” condensed, evaporated or dried. Not in the form of cheese, butter, or iced cream. And stop the whey. Cow’s milk helps a calf weigh 800 pounds by one year of age. The average man weighs 183 and the average woman 143. Obviously, we grow at different rates, but both milks contain similar percentages or relative amounts of water, carbs, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. Consider this very carefully.

#5. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) – Oh, yes it does. MSG leads to weight gain. How? MSG spoils your taste buds. MSG is an excito-toxin, meaning it over-stimulates your taste buds, so you crave more and more. Then, when you have some organic food that’s not loaded with this genetically modified, concentrated salt, you can barely taste it, if at all. That leads you right back to more junk-science food stuff that’s void of nutrition and loaded with processed junk. Get it?

There’s an old saying, “If you want to be strong like a buffalo, eat what a buffalo eats, but don’t eat the buffalo.” There’s another saying that’s popular among runners and cyclists: “Garbage in, garbage out.” That means if you eat junk food, you’ll feel lethargic and unable to produce energy. Read the ingredient label on everything you buy, and stop consuming food stuff that causes uncontrollable and “inexplicable” weight gain.

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