Addiction, Recovery and Lives Changed

Addiction, Recovery and Lives Changed by Rory for The Daily Coin

Tucker Carlson’s first show of the new year is dedicated to the topic of addiction and recovery. Tucker uses articles created throughout the year and pieced them together to showcase one of the most heinous problems our society faces today. One could argue the only thing worse than drug and alcohol addiction in our country would be porn addiction that no one seems to know exist. 25% of all searches on the most evil search engine are searches for porn. But no one says a word about it.

While this is a show that is close to my heart, being a recovered addict, the one criticism would be about the source of the individuals recovery – they all claim it was of their doing. Each of them that make this claim would be 100% wrong and stand a good chance of relapse. Not saying, and certainly not hoping for their relapse, but they didn’t do anything expect prove to themselves and the world what a terrible manager they are. If they were such great “life coaches” how did they wind up in the situation where they needed to be “recovered”? If you drive your car into a ditch, who did that and who recovers it?

Suzanne Summers offers the first glimmer of hope and the first word pointing to God in the entire show. She uses the word “divine” when describing the book Alcoholics Anonymous. She is absolutely right in stating the book was divinely inspired. The two authors always stated this freely. A life turned over to the care of God, a new “life coach”, is the only way a person gets sober, clean and changes their life – born again anew. Otherwise, nothing actually changes only the words coming out of ones mouth changes, however, their heart and soul are not changed. This is where, the heart and minds, not only the disease lives but it is where God lives in our life. He fills the hole we attempt to fill with whatever happens to be familiar to us – drugs, alcohol, chaos, gambling, sex or whatever.

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The charlatan that is on with Dennis Rodman is exactly that, a charlatan. He got lucky and teamed up with someone that could help him sell books and that what he is doing. It was a huge disappointment to see that Tucker would allow such an obvious carnival barker on his show.

The final segment is well worth sticking around for as Johann Hari is the real deal. I remember seeing this segment when it originally aired and was as moved this time around as the first. Mr. Hari pulls no punches and dives right in to the actual problem. The real problem that is spreading like cancer across our nation. If the communities of this nation continue to ignore this plague of loneliness, despair and economic collapse, the cancer will not only spread, it will consume an even larger portion of our nation that it is currently ravishing. Take off the rose-colored-glasses and take a serious look around. The current economy is a lie, social media is making zombies of our youth and student debt is destroying the next generation of economic growth. If our community leaders – that’s you and me – don’t bring this to the attention of our church leaders, councilmen and others that can impact our community on a larger scale it will be our fault if this cancer continues to spread. It’s time to get busy and stop sitting around hoping something changes.

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