Daniel Kolenda: ‘Christians Can’t Ignore Spiritual Warfare Anymore’

Daniel Kolenda: ‘Christians Can’t Ignore Spiritual Warfare Anymore’ by TAYLOR BERGLUND for Charisma News

As he took the stage at a crusade in Monrovia, Liberia, Daniel Kolenda anticipated an ordinary night of preaching. He didn’t realize a witch doctor intended to kill him in the middle of his message.

The witch doctor, well-known in this region for her powerful spells, had reportedly taken many lives. One pastor told Kolenda he was personally aware of “nearly a dozen people” whom she had killed with her curses. The people living in the area were terrified of her and her power. She came to Kolenda’s meeting not to hear the gospel but to curse him and kill him where he stood.

Kolenda remembers clearly what happened next.

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“I was just preaching Jesus as I always do,” Kolenda says. “She stood off to the right side of the stage, out in front of one of the two massive towers that suspend our array of speakers. She had brought some strange charms to conduct her business. While I was preaching, she began to conjure some curse to hurl against me. Suddenly, she let out a bloodcurdling scream and fell to the ground. There she lay, writhing like a snake and foaming at the mouth.

“I ignored her. With a crowd of half a million people or more, I wasn’t about to stop to address one demon. Hundreds of thousands of people were listening to the gospel. I kept preaching. But we have a team trained to address such occurrences. They carried this woman behind the platform to a tent we had set up for deliverance. We call it ‘the snake pit.’ The deliverance team cast the demons out of her, and she came to her right mind and received Jesus as her Savior.”

Following this incredible exorcism, the deliverance team brought the witch doctor on stage to talk with Kolenda. He could see in the attendees’ eyes that they were still scared of her, uncomfortable at her presence. But Kolenda says the crowd gasped in amazement at what happened next.

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