Why Everything Is on the Line for Christians in 2020 Election

Why Everything Is on the Line for Christians in 2020 Election by STEPHEN STRANG for Charisma News

Leftists have taken over the Democratic Party, and their frightening vision for America is fueling their radical agenda. In 2019 when the nice-sounding Equality Act was proposed in Congress, almost every Democrat backed it, even though it reached far beyond equality for alternative lifestyles that until recently were considered perverted (and that Christians believe are against God’s Word). The law would have forced these new definitions of sexual preference on all Americans, including churches, with penalties and jail sentences for those who opposed it. Thank God it failed to pass.

Not surprisingly, the Equality Act received the backing of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as former vice president Joe Biden, who said on June 1, 2019, during his campaign for president that the Equality Act would be “the first thing [he asks] to be done.” The Democrats failed to pass the law this time, but what happens if they regain power? That’s what is at stake with the 2020 election, like it or not.

Ralph Reed sees the situation as being even more serious. “For the Christian community pretty much everything is on the line. Whether it’s religious freedom or support for Israel or America withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, the life issue or the future of the courts—if there is a Democrat elected president in 2020, they’re going to reverse everything President Trump has done.”

On top of that, he believes Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who will be 87 when the 2020 presidential election takes place, will wait to resign until after the election, hoping a new Democratic president will nominate a liberal, pro-abortion, anti-religious-freedom justice to the Supreme Court. If that happens, “that justice will sit on that court for 30 to 40 years and make it very difficult for us to have the kind of true conservative majority we’d like to have,” Reed told me in a recent podcast interview. “They hate Trump. They loathe his agenda. Frankly, they disdain us and our biblical values, and they’re opposed to our socially conservative-issues agenda.”

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