Evo Morales Claims ‘Zionist’ Conspiracy Between Bolivia’s Conservatives, Israel

Evo Morales Claims ‘Zionist’ Conspiracy Between Bolivia’s Conservatives, Israel by FRANCES MARTEL for Breitbart

Socialist ex-President Evo Morales accused the current interim government of Bolivia — in power because Morales chose to resign — on Sunday of “not respect[ing] liberty, dignity, and identity” for establishing friendly relations with and asking help from the “Zionist” government of Israel.

Morales cut ties with Israel in 2009 and has accused its government of “genocide,” siding with much of the world’s Muslim leadership and cementing alliances with dictators like Iran. He stepped down on November 10 after the Organization of American States (OAS) published a report revealing significant fraud in the October 20 presidential election, which Morales appeared to be competing in a dead heat for until the election commission redirected the tally to a mystery private server outside of the government’s purview. Morales then won the election by a landslide.

Morales was constitutionally banned from running for his fourth presidential term this year, but in 2017 he forced the nation’s supreme court to declare he had a “human right” to be on any ballot in the nation indefinitely.

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Following his resignation, Morales fled to Mexico and claimed to have been the victim of a “coup,” despite the fact that the Bolivian military has not taken any undue power since he fled the country and the interim president, Jeanine Áñez, made clear she would not run in the special election she was appointed to organize.

Morales is currently in Cuba, from which he is managing the campaign of the leftist Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party candidate, yet to be chosen, in the special election. The interim government is allowing MAS to participate even though their candidate won the last election through confirmed irregular vote-counting activity.

Áñez is using her time in office to rehabilitate much of the country’s government in the aftermath of nearly a decade and a half of socialist rule; re-establishing diplomatic relations with Israel was an item close to the top of the list of reforms she sought.

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