The next Chick-fil-A? Hallmark Channel CEO signals openness to gay Christmas films

The next Chick-fil-A? Hallmark Channel CEO signals openness to gay Christmas films by Doug Mainwaring for Life Site News

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While many are still reeling from recent revelations that Chick-fil-A has opportunistically traded the Christian principles upon which it was founded for “woke,” pro-LGBT social justice causes, the head of the Hallmark Channel —famous for its family-friendly Christmas movies— indicated that Hallmark will likely begin to produce holiday films which include gay characters and themes.

This year, Hallmark’s legendary “Countdown to Christmas” will feature two dozen new, original movies produced by the channel. They will be shown 24 hours a day during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Bill Abbott, CEO of Hallmark parent Crown Media Family Networks (CMFN), said in a recent interview that Hallmark “differentiates itself from its competition” because its content is “relentlessly positive, family friendly, always appropriate for all members of the family.”

“Across the board, we’re attracting an audience across every demographic,” announced Abbott.

In the past, Hallmark has stated, “We are not an issues-oriented network: our goal is for every viewer who comes to us to feel happier and better because they watched.”

During the holidays, Hallmark viewers skew younger than the rest of the year.

Abbott explained that viewers can feel comfortable watching Hallmark’s movies without having to worry about running for the remote because an inappropriate scene suddenly pops up.

Despite having built a huge audience by providing a reliable, safe refuge for family viewing during an era when even Disney offers a minefield of pro-LGBT programming aimed at kids, the head of Hallmark’s parent company indicated that “Hallmark is ‘open’ to doing any type of movie — including with gay leads,” according to a Hollywood Reporter interview.

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