30+ Ways to Use a Bandana for Survival

30+ Ways to Use a Bandana for Survival By Graywolf for The Organic Prepper

So one of the biggest things I stress on my blog is that you should try to carry gear that has multiple uses. One of the most useful pieces of kit you can keep with you pretty much at all times is a bandana. It has so many uses that I thought I’d just make a list for you but several of these could be their own article. For a lot of these, you’ll need a large bandana and not a normal size or tie some together, so keep that in mind.

30+ Survival Uses for a Bandana

  1. Keep the sun off your neck. This is one of the reasons a lot of cowboys wore a bandana around their neck.
  2. Use it as a neck gator. A neck gator is one of the best things to carry because it can make a light jacket as warm as a much heavier one by blocking all the warm air that usually escapes from your collar. You can use a bandana to do the same thing.
  3. Protect your ears or head from burning. You can either put a bandana under your hat to cover your ears or even just use it as a headcover.
  4. Signaling for rescue. Now this one only works if you use a brightly-colored bandana but with the right color, it may make it easier for a rescue plane or chopper to see you.
  5. Cordage. You can use a bandana as a short but very strong piece of cordage for things like fixing a broken strap or belt, or you can cut it into strips and make a longer piece if you really needed to.
  6. Waist pack or pouch. You can make a simple pouch for scavenging tinder or just holding small items by tying it to your belt.
  7. Potholder. You may or may not have a pot or skillet with you but you may need something to grab onto other hot items such as a rock you’re heating to keep you warm at night.
  8. Makeshift tourniquet. This is one that people think of but don’t usually know how use it correctly. Watch this video for a quick primer.
  9. Sling. A very traditional Boy Scout use. The last thing you need if you’ve broken or torn an elbow or a wrist is to have it swinging around. Tying it up can make things much more comfortable and help keep you from making things worse.
  10. Stone sling. Ok, I see this one a lot where you roll up a bandana and toss a stone at Goliath but I think it’s much easier and more accurate to just throw a stone.
  11. Keep sweat off your neck and dirt out of your collar.
  12. Pre-filter. Before you put water into some kind of filter, you should try to get the big chunks out first, and a bandana makes that pretty simple.
  13. Field-expedient toilet paper. Just don’t use this for anything else once you’ve done this.
  14. Hobo bindle. Channel your inner Tom Sawyer by tying a bandana with a loop and hanging it behind you with a stick. You don’t need to tie it to the stick to do this though.
  15. Earmuffs. Tied the right way, a bandana can keep your frosty ears toasty warm.
  16. Tossing a line. One way to get paracord over a high branch is to tie it to a bandana wrapped around a stone. Super simple and much safer than climbing a tree.

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