Voters Have A Right To Know About The Democrats ‘Dark Agenda’ To Destroy Christianity

Voters Have A Right To Know About The Democrats ‘Dark Agenda’ To Destroy ChristianityBy Don Boys, Ph.D. for All News Pipeline

Since Pete Buttigieg is the most vocal “Christian” in the Democrat presidential race, he should stop his fuzzy, fractured even false references to the Bible. Principled Christians resent having the Bible twisted like a pretzel to prove a false point of view.

Even the media is sarcastically calling him “St. Pete” because of his many biblical references and his talk of morality. A Federalist article really pegged him rightly when they wrote about his speaking of morality: “But someone who lives in sexual immorality and supports abortion right up until birth is quite obviously the wrong person to do it.

Bingo! They nailed him to a post.

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Voters want to know if Pete is a genuine Christian or simply a church member. Does he really believe that Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life? If not, he is a professor but not a possessor making him a pretender. That means he is using Christianity for self-aggrandizement. If he is not a sheep, he is a wolf in sheep’s skin.

Pete could be similar to Julian the Apostate who, according to Will Durant in his eleven volume History of Civilization, “conformed in all externals to the Christian worship, and even read the Scriptures publicly in church.” Julian was the Roman Emperor from 361 to 363 and was the last non-Christian emperor. Frankly very few of them were true Christians, including Constantine. Julian was from a long line of “Christians” who had been corrupted by a corrupt Christianity. He was an unannounced pagan (at the time) while reading the Bible in church!

Of course, there are plenty of pompous pagans in the pulpits in our day.

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Even an apostate can do some things right as proved by Julian’s dismissal of thousands of servants, eunuchs, and superfluous government officials. He also slashed taxes and streamlined administrative procedures. Julian established the principle that a man was presumed innocent until proven guilty. He was the first political leader to take that position to my knowledge.

Julian was a pagan who practiced animal sacrifices while heading up the “Christian” empire, attempting to revive paganism to replace the quickly advancing paganized Christianity!

Could Pete be philosophically related to Julian the Apostate?

Desperately trying to sound normal, Pete has promised he “would bring Christianity back to the White House if he were elected president.” Well, “Christianity” is not something that can be toted around. It is a faith, “the evidence of things not seen.” Pete said, “Faith doesn’t have to be something to divide us.” But faith does divide us since some believe the Muslim faith, others the Hindu faith, others the Christian faith. Christ said Luke 12:51 “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division.” And only a fool or fanatic says all faiths are equal or that one is as good as another.

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