Judah Smith Launches ‘Guided Prayers’ That Justin Bieber Says Have Been Helping Him

Judah Smith Launches ‘Guided Prayers’ That Justin Bieber Says Have Been Helping Him by JENNY ROSE SPAUDO for Charisma News

Earlier this week, Judah and Chelsea Smith launched a new feature on their Churchome app: “Guided Prayers.”

In an Instagram post announcing the new prayer feature, Judah says he and his wife—who both pastor Churchome in Seattle, Washington—appear in videos to guide people through prayers that are relevant and five minutes or less.

“Guided prayer is a spiritual experience,” he says. “It’s much more than just a method. It’s much more than just content to consume. It’s an experience to be had. It’s a moment to be in, completely present, connecting with God. It’s based on Scripture. It’s based on the way Jesus taught His 12 disciples to pray.”

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Judah also says the feature uses the Lord’s Prayer as an outline to help people take time to pray—whether it’s late at night or early in the morning. Their goal, he says, is to give people “the best chance they could have to experience the presence of Jesus and actually follow him in their ordinary, everyday lives.”

In September, Justin Bieber shared one of the Smiths’ guided prayers on Instagram.

“When you have a quiet moment, get into a comfortable position and listen,” Bieber wrote. “They have really been helping me and thought I would share.”

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