Do Ramen Noodles Expire? What You Need To Know!

Do Ramen Noodles Expire? What You Need To Know! by Kelly L for MD Creekmore

Ramen noodles come in different package sizes that can be consumed. The restaurant version of Ramen noodles are made on the spot and should be consumed immediately and not stored. The popularity of the instant Ramen noodles could be derived from the fact that restaurants readily make similar delicious versions of the Ramen noodles for a high price.

Instant Ramen noodles at American grocery stores come in different types of packages. Packages include plastic sealed and wrapped square blocks of noodles. These square packages can be purchased at about $0.20-$0.30 per block and provide about 200 calories worth of nutrition.

Instant Ramen noodles also come in sealed Styrofoam cups and sealed bowl packages. It is believed that these Styrofoam cups and sealed bowls help make it convenient for consumers to consume the Ramen noodles by just adding water.

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These Styrofoam cups and bowls go for around $0.20-$0.30 per package and include more calories. The calories in these packages come close to 300 calories worth of nutrition.

Do Ramen Noodles Expire?

The packaging of the instant Ramen noodles encourages consumers to believe that the food is similar to survival food storage. Survival food storage is packaged in a way so that the food can last up to a decade or even more. Survival food that lasts more than a decade is usually wrapped in air-tight sealed plastic similar to instant Ramen noodles. The same packaging does have different expiration dates. Instant Ramen noodles do not have an expiration date that extends out to more than a decade. It is quite less.

The Shelf Life of Instant Ramen Noodles.

The production of instant Ramen noodles begins at the noodle company. In America, food companies are required to post an expiration date for consumable goods somewhere on their package. Like canned goods, the packaging might communicate that the products can be stored forever, but they can have an expiration date.

Instant Ramen noodles have an expiration date that is printed on the package. This date could be anywhere from two months to two years from the time you have looked at or purchased the noodles from the store. Stores actively review the expiration date of items that are not selling fast. They do this so that they can keep new things on their store shelves. Stores will take instant Ramen noodles off of their shelves if they are expired.

People can consume instant Ramen noodles even though the package says that the item expired. Expired instant Ramen noodles do not mean that the Ramen noodles are contaminated. However, the expiration does indicate that the overall freshness of the Ramen noodles has deteriorated. Consuming Ramen noodles before the expiration date is recommended so that one can enjoy the vibrancy in the taste and quality of the meal. Expired Ramen noodles are likely to taste stale.

The shelf life of instant Ramen noodles is around two years from the time the manufacturer produces the noodles. When shopping for instant Ramen noodles, the first thing a consumer should look for is the expiration date. The expiration date should be long enough from the date of purchase so that one can enjoy the inexpensive nutritional meal.

Why Ramen Noodles Have a Long Shelf Life

When produced, Ramen noodles go through a dehydration process where all moisture is removed. This dehydration process ensures that bacterial growth and microorganisms cannot grow inside of the product. Food dehydration is intended to elongate the shelf life of the product.

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